Tipper power to solve new program
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In the October 25, 2010, 2010 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, the Italian pavilion special festive red booth, exhibition of products also attracted many visitors stop asking. IPH China (Wuxi Ying Fu Tepa PSC Hydraulic Co.) booth attracted much attention, not only beautiful products, but also in power solutions are also new ideas.

Within Tipper cardan shaft PTO is equipped with a conventional power plant, IPH Chinese new program is recommended to connect the power take off pump. As the world's power take-known manufacturers with a gear pump, IPH China put forward in order to "take power connector pump" instead of "power take off with cardan shaft." Note that, this "take power" nor "power take off." IPH Chinese new proposal to "take power" refers specifically to Wuxi Ying Fu Tepa PSC Ltd supplies hydraulic power take off. The advantage of this is reflected in:

1, the power plant becomes light. Hydraulic pumps, small size, light weight. Cardan shaft and the pump is much greater than the weight of the pump frame weight.

2, lower power unit costs. Pump is less than the cost of purchasing cardan shaft and the overall cost of the pump frame. Maintenance costs are less than the entire pump maintenance costs.

3, simplifying the structure of the power unit. Small pump, mounted directly on the power take off, compact device relative to the cardan shaft, a large power plant saves space.

4, the operation safer. Pump and power take off device is simple, easy accessibility, universal shaft than a device to operate more safely.


As Italian factories in China International Pump Group, Wuxi Ying Fu Tepa PSC Hydraulic Co. not only to provide Chinese customers take power, but also provide high quality piston pumps, hydraulic cylinders, full power splitter box. IPH China aspires to become China hydraulic center for heavy vehicles to provide fast, efficient power solutions. Learn more IPH products, welcome to IPH 2010 Bauma booth: E6-215.




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